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Math Challenges

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A New Math Problem Every Day!
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This community is for those who would like to be challenged with math problems.
The problems can be of any difficulty,
to submit you don't have to know the answer,
and so on.

This community was created by me, alfcake. I encourage all members to submit any problems, including any they find interesting, difficult, or entertaining.

Building Pi

Now I fill
chest, overflown on shaded
The holes converge, elongated serials
encircled one on one, fraction lies, moving my wrongs
into sin,
'cos threaded off my streams, quartered
wings. Everything we degraded, trenched
into a wave-alike
Machin. I scribe alternate pi-s --
integrate discretes and Riemann zetae. A functional story,
prosaic as tangential trappings! Radius woes... iteration odes rise...
lines crunching on the longwinded elegies. Graphical,
a fallen body. Archimedes' angles in infinite angels, my
consequent hexagons, pre-shaded.

Diverging calculus --
remove us; spheroid
arithmetic, the dots shifting, we watch our love
go π. G. Leibniz,
love-struck, traced symbols oscillate – Gregory’s pi...
a true
crawling calculator. Cuckoos shriek. Roots, I
ask, of wavering ‘2’?

The tortuously marked
number ties starved
elliptical bemoaners and plotting sing song pipers: expansions
decimated, taken, loved.
Irrational angel
endeared to us, it's a flower in
stone. One fails -- encompass fear, decompress integers. O pi...
dreaming high, trailing a ∑,
a history seen, heard, persevered. To override, wait a forgetting
of circles...

[The number of letters in the sequence of words, as well as the number of words in the sequence of lines, correspond to the sequence of digits in the decimal expansion of π. I got up to 168 words (<=> 168 digits). The digit 0 is taken as 10, i.e, mapped onto a 10-letter word. I based it on what I know of the history of pi -- see http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PiFormulas.html for a sketch.)]

- fixious

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